Monday, December 29, 2008

yeah!! yeah!!.....woteva!

I had dreamed of becoming the Alice of Alice in wonderland fame, when I could barely pronounce the name right, but unfortunately that didn’t happen, because by the time I grew up, my priorities had changed, & now I prefer a pair of fangs dripped in blood over daisies adorning my hair.
I had dreamed of belonging to the league of the ‘oh-my my’ beauties with low cerebral matter after bagging few names in local lil miss contests, but again that wasn’t my piece of cake cause, to replace my full fat double toned butterscotch milkshake topped with double scoop ice-cream with a cluster of fancy green grasses (read salad) was totally out of question. So my delusion of romancing hot bodied guys, throughout my youth & later aging with a rich NRI…& the coveted career of air kisses vanished into thin air.
The beginning of my actual academic life imbibed in me the dream of hanging a stethoscope around my neck; little did I know that I would grow up to get just pass marks in biology, & nauseate at the sight of blood & moreover the movie ‘anatomy’ didn’t motivate me much to pursue the medical career.
My combative nature had induced many people to advice me to become a lawyer, but heylooo!! earn a handful of bills at the cost of becoming the centre of all demeaning, degraded jokes was too much to ask for.
I had envisioned myself voicing for the leading dance-gana type actors of bollywood. Damn! The producers of Indian idol saw more potential than me in an effeminate nasal singer (if yelling-“tadap tadap ke” counts as singing) who not only gave visual pleasure by dancing in florescent green tee with red pants but also was plucky enough to merge his amazing yelling talents with mimicry of artists who you wont recognize unless named. My bad, was no good at anything other than matching octaves…so this dream got squished...
Finally in time I realized I could articulate lies, fabricate stories, & probably can bitch my way up to paparazzi….so fashion designing seemed to be a promising career. Although I am pursuing the same, still dwelling on the fear of dying a spinster if I continue this career meant for not-so-straight guys.....
Well…well…as of now…I have whims to grow up as an authoress/columnist/novelist….& this entire piece is a living example of how close I am to my destination..Amen!! :p :D