Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My apostles

To my beautiful gurlie pal, who has stayed up on me all night listening to the gibberish I had to rant cribbing about my college, boy friend and all the global gyan i had to share, who has spent almost 18 yrs with me laughing , sharing punishments at school & living a beautiful eccentric lives of our own…. she who brings out the child in me, nurtures it by giving it a healthy dose of fun & laughter….
To my sugary sibling who has come a long way from a petulant little kid to becoming my source of strength for lifetime, who would just not let me grow up, & has now grown an uncanny habit of holding on to silly collectibles that reminds her of me, my sister- who kisses me goodnight & cuddles me to sleep while I would be in welling up my eyes, missing my mum
Lastly to my mum--for bringing me to life, whose contribution in building the figments of my life is in such tremendous quantity that no matter what I pen in favor of her , would be an understatement to her selfless existence in my life..someone who has shed tears in tons fretting over my future, who has done everything & anything it takes to make the smallest of the small dreams come into life for me, who can sketch out the current state of my mind in a jiffy, who would still treat me like a 5yr old & buy me soft toys on my birthday, who will innocently listen to all the nonsense I have got to yap, who would accompany me on my endless window-shopping sprees, ....who knows me by my pulse like no one else does....the woman in my life who can fight with the entire world to bring a flicker of smile on my lips, a woman who has brought me up like a princess, spoilt me silly, & has done zillions of sacrifices to keep the tiara on the princess’s head intact
I raise a toast, & bow my head to the wonderful ladies, who make my sepia life worth living with zest by adding a palate of vibrant pink into it….I am proud of being a woman myself for being worthy enough to spread the word of love & affection as these woman have in my life & many others…......I dedicate the special day, week, year & life acknowledging my beautiful life as a woman.....Celebrating the spirit of womanhood, I wish one and all a very happy women’s day, Hope we all continue adding magic to this dull world by our beauty, compassion & love