Friday, November 25, 2011

Confessions of a cello-holic

Dipped in the intensity of my liking-sharing-caring act, i tend to ignore the utterly annoying sign of putting the cellphones (read ur facebook/gmail/corp mail/ zooming around with 3G speed stuffs and Gawd knows what all) off for the next two hours and push yourself into a so called reclusive world without a cellphone...JEEZ! In no time, i landed an airhostess with a dazzling plasticine smile instructing me to put my soul off for the next 2hrs...FINE!! there yu go...out of my 3G world I tried to look around with a 2 dimensional view and randomly started surfing through a travel magazine, an article about a nature resort in an exotic island did catch my attention for a few seconds, it claimed to traverse you out of the chaotic cacophonous metropolitan city into a quaint beautiful villa where you enjoy the luxuries in the lap of nature unplugged of electricity/ phone calls/needless to say internet at a price of a bomb....this made me sit back and wonder, how would life be without my mean machine-my cellphone?? Ironically, i do realize the level of my addiction, I also agree, I rather prefer to lie down play soccer on my phone than go sweat it out in real, and my hanging out with friends mean more on con calls/vid conferences, anyhow, I am aware it aint that good, but trust me just to go on a voyage of self discovery in some far off island I cant overlook the nostalgic moments i shared with my fav gadget, My normal days starts waking up to a tuneful Linkin park music alarm set on my phone, i check mails, i have replaced my daily chore up picking up the newspaper from my door and enjoying over a hot cuppa coffee over checkin over the news site on my cell with a cup on the other hand....then all through the day I pin for applications from a vast pool in the adroid, all my friends stay in my pocket and are just a ping away ;) I can spend days on a go setting my status updates/liking and commenting all around n yeah! I make calls/text too, I am now drawn to a pool of thoughts in sepia mode, of how I spent my teens texting sweet nothings to my girl friend(s) (thanks to the student pak where 100 msgs were free for a day) forwarding lame jokes, surfing thru errrr..umm...educational content and sharing with friends, clicking snaps endlessly to get a perfect pic for the networkin site profile, changing ringtones every other day, setting upo cool callertunes and what not....then came the 3G where the phone is not just a call machine..its a lifestyle, I store and travel with my world, the ocean of applications/knowledge/people are just a tap away
I love it, I live it! Its a part of me....i enjoy being Bz on 3G, rest everything comes secondary ;)
Monochromatic monotonous lives be damned
time to fling some enraged birds to drive the fat pigs away and keep myself occupied till I can tap back into my fb world

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

With love, xyz

I was walking barefooted on the freshly mowed grass caught in a drizzle, with the soft breeze blowing into my drenched hair ,singing lullaby into my tired ears, the million twinkling stars above my head tripping me into a delusionary mish-mash of thoughts…..walking beside me was another soul holding my hands gently and helping my unsteady legs to a smooth gait, we sit on the wet grass, breathing in the aroma of fresh soil after a lash of rains, talking and talking for hours about nothing in particular, In those few moments words are exchanged, some laughs shared…some accusations…and some words of flattery…On the whole you are having a nice time and living each of the passing moments, but the ironical part comes into live when you just snap out of the reverie, all you could do is relish those bygone moments as thoughts. A moment , you were tasting the kiss of paradise, whoosh the next moment you are dragged out of your illusion with a kick of reality, craving for the time to reverse. Did I go wrong in treasuring the moment or was I destined for short trips of happiness…..? Why are we, humans such suckers for short lived glories…? why do I keep searching for the treasure hunt at the wrong place, I wonder why don’t I take a big U turn in my life and just welcome the current time with hugs and smiles rather than living-re living the bygone....why am I groping in the darkness of my solitude at this point of time looking for a familiar touch when my mind and soul have reconciled with themselves and are yelling at my bleeding heart to wait for the sunshine patiently…..I have zillions of questions floating in my mind, the answers to which I don’t comprehend….I haven’t lost hope…I do believe the pariah is right within me, I need to bring it to life but….why are my eyes welling up??...what am I looking for? My vision is too blurry to have a clear scape of what’s waiting for me…..the pain is too excruciating to get onto my feet and walk backwards and clear the grit of my past….why cant I just let go?...why am I crying? Why can’t I just go out of my confinement and dance in the rains anticipating for a change in season….why cant I love myself again???....why cant I sway a magic wand to make myself beautiful all over again??.....why cant I reverse time….
Come back!...come back to me….let me relive those moments again,,,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My apostles

To my beautiful gurlie pal, who has stayed up on me all night listening to the gibberish I had to rant cribbing about my college, boy friend and all the global gyan i had to share, who has spent almost 18 yrs with me laughing , sharing punishments at school & living a beautiful eccentric lives of our own…. she who brings out the child in me, nurtures it by giving it a healthy dose of fun & laughter….
To my sugary sibling who has come a long way from a petulant little kid to becoming my source of strength for lifetime, who would just not let me grow up, & has now grown an uncanny habit of holding on to silly collectibles that reminds her of me, my sister- who kisses me goodnight & cuddles me to sleep while I would be in welling up my eyes, missing my mum
Lastly to my mum--for bringing me to life, whose contribution in building the figments of my life is in such tremendous quantity that no matter what I pen in favor of her , would be an understatement to her selfless existence in my life..someone who has shed tears in tons fretting over my future, who has done everything & anything it takes to make the smallest of the small dreams come into life for me, who can sketch out the current state of my mind in a jiffy, who would still treat me like a 5yr old & buy me soft toys on my birthday, who will innocently listen to all the nonsense I have got to yap, who would accompany me on my endless window-shopping sprees, ....who knows me by my pulse like no one else does....the woman in my life who can fight with the entire world to bring a flicker of smile on my lips, a woman who has brought me up like a princess, spoilt me silly, & has done zillions of sacrifices to keep the tiara on the princess’s head intact
I raise a toast, & bow my head to the wonderful ladies, who make my sepia life worth living with zest by adding a palate of vibrant pink into it….I am proud of being a woman myself for being worthy enough to spread the word of love & affection as these woman have in my life & many others…......I dedicate the special day, week, year & life acknowledging my beautiful life as a woman.....Celebrating the spirit of womanhood, I wish one and all a very happy women’s day, Hope we all continue adding magic to this dull world by our beauty, compassion & love

Saturday, January 15, 2011

all about wooo "MAN"

Phew!...finally I have a moment to myself, to clutch my pink pen & try cast a spell on myself that would sway me to an unconquered territory inside my muddled up thoughts, Finally I revert to my first & "only" love after a huge gap. Sigh! such a relief, I wanted to pen a unique piece to exhibit my grand comeback, but Alas!..all I could think of as of now is to script another male bashing blog entree :P Now that sounded straight out of a biatch's mouth, umm I guess, rather than pretending to be a FCP all over again, let me try something different today, let me sing in the praises of men, Grrrr, over with my usual pleasantries, let me straight hit the chord, MEN!!!!..ME-n MEN!!!!!!!!!! love them, you love bash them up, you love to flutter your eyelashes to pierce their hearts with your manicured finger nails, you love to love them, you love to hate them, Jesus! some special out of the bugger lot you cant imagine your life without, so here it goes, dedicated to the special ones(read one) that has been instrumental in moulding my life in a certain interesting way with a pink perspective...
1 my boss f*&@s my life, I had a verbal abuse session with my best friend, my boy friend's ex(es) refuse to f@#$ off, the traffic gulps a piece of my steaming brain, bloody PMS, someone hints at my burgeoning hips when I am just about to gulp a kilo of my favourite ice-cream....grrrrrrrrrhhh!!!!!!!!..........*enters the hero* *hugs* *pecks on cheeks*....addresses me as "his" "small" "baby".....**anger melts** **blush** blush** sigh! Blush*
2) you may over hear me saying, I am independent, can take care of myself, smart, Cosmo girl, and blah! blah! and more Blah! But at the core of my heart, I always want someone to take charge of things & lead me, & Men are biologically programmed by their inflated Male egos to guide their ladies when I can just sit back, relax as a pillion in my life & trust the special 'him' to walk me through, even though his roaring self esteem may not allow him to ask for directions when he is lost, but still its his headache to stay on-track B-)
3) the view ahead is myopic, on the top of it you are colour blind, what a disastrous combo, unless, YEAH!! unless you have your sugar to wrap you in his strong arms, nudge you in the right direction, & let the optimistic ray of warm sunlight fall on you.PEFECT view!!
4) I like butter scotch, he likes the same without butter, I cant stand strawberry, he cant stand without munching on few fresh ones, I dream in candy shades, he sees through crystal clear lenses, my pink tinted fantasies rule my throbbing heart, the gray scaled world rules his mind. together we procreate our unconventional world of differences, that serves the regular potion of nourishment to both mind & heart..
5) Had a long tiring day (plus the events mentioned in pointer 2), to rejuvenate my senses, all I have to do reach out for his smiling, dimpled face followed by LOLing at the silliest of silly PJs cracked by him ,that you can find all over the santa-banta kinda sites. which is any day better than a stick pole sitting at home giving you global gyaan about things you have attained a PHD on (the last line makes no sense, but still felt like adding it :P)
6) contrast to the general notion that girls go for henpecked hubbies is totally a myth, how would you feel when you are shouting at the top of your voice, calling him names etc, & he listens to you intently without moving an inch,,boring!! isnt it....I personally prefer some one who can fight back, react to my witty sarcasms by wittier sarcastic comments, someone who is a wooo...MAN not a WOOman :D
7) I am a responsible individual, matured, responsible..woteva!!
.AHEM!! Ahem!!....* the kid inside me pops out* *its welcomed warmly with a big open heart, mushy kisses, & is elated, sometimes feels on the 7th heaven as though he received his favourite candy without even asking for it :)

Well!well...well..enough of carrying a halo over my head, lemme just satiate my zingy tongue by amending the post by adding yet another cliché—you love hate them...n even though sometime you may wish to, but they just wont let you ignore...

Have a great weekend girlies with that special someone of yours, don’t forget to screen your devilish horns with a sparkling halo over your head ;)