Saturday, February 4, 2012

Free Fall

Caught in a whirlwind of erratic thoughts, I struggle to cease the melancholy tune playing at the back of my mind......Phew! A year just flew away leaving behind a trail of indelible voids in my life. It shuffled me up high in the air furnishing my frail arms with a pair of wings and on my merry flight, it just snipped off my pinions, striving to escape the free-fall I encapsulate my claustrophobic soul with an impermeable sheet of emotions that wrecks me from inside. I close my eyes to a long tunnel of darkness, I move on and on into it, waving to the pool of happy plasticine smiles, with my heart going green with envy, envious of their ability to keep their head at its place, for the driving force that kicks them to stay alive, for the warm blood of passion running through their veins. the eerie murkiness of the journey doesn't seem to fade, I tread on with my self imposed cape intact through the tunnel awaiting for the sudden rush of light...waiting for the hallowed angel to break the shell and light me up to a new horizon, fly me off to a land far away from the farthest ground and enable me wipe off my drenched eyes....As another year knocks into my door, I lay back and ask myself one question...what tomorrow holds for me? I don't know whether there will be colors on my white scape, if I would kiss the pinnacles in life, I am unsure if I was born to be special, all I know this year I would walk on the edge and ring the bell of luck.