Friday, November 25, 2011

Confessions of a cello-holic

Dipped in the intensity of my liking-sharing-caring act, i tend to ignore the utterly annoying sign of putting the cellphones (read ur facebook/gmail/corp mail/ zooming around with 3G speed stuffs and Gawd knows what all) off for the next two hours and push yourself into a so called reclusive world without a cellphone...JEEZ! In no time, i landed an airhostess with a dazzling plasticine smile instructing me to put my soul off for the next 2hrs...FINE!! there yu go...out of my 3G world I tried to look around with a 2 dimensional view and randomly started surfing through a travel magazine, an article about a nature resort in an exotic island did catch my attention for a few seconds, it claimed to traverse you out of the chaotic cacophonous metropolitan city into a quaint beautiful villa where you enjoy the luxuries in the lap of nature unplugged of electricity/ phone calls/needless to say internet at a price of a bomb....this made me sit back and wonder, how would life be without my mean machine-my cellphone?? Ironically, i do realize the level of my addiction, I also agree, I rather prefer to lie down play soccer on my phone than go sweat it out in real, and my hanging out with friends mean more on con calls/vid conferences, anyhow, I am aware it aint that good, but trust me just to go on a voyage of self discovery in some far off island I cant overlook the nostalgic moments i shared with my fav gadget, My normal days starts waking up to a tuneful Linkin park music alarm set on my phone, i check mails, i have replaced my daily chore up picking up the newspaper from my door and enjoying over a hot cuppa coffee over checkin over the news site on my cell with a cup on the other hand....then all through the day I pin for applications from a vast pool in the adroid, all my friends stay in my pocket and are just a ping away ;) I can spend days on a go setting my status updates/liking and commenting all around n yeah! I make calls/text too, I am now drawn to a pool of thoughts in sepia mode, of how I spent my teens texting sweet nothings to my girl friend(s) (thanks to the student pak where 100 msgs were free for a day) forwarding lame jokes, surfing thru errrr..umm...educational content and sharing with friends, clicking snaps endlessly to get a perfect pic for the networkin site profile, changing ringtones every other day, setting upo cool callertunes and what not....then came the 3G where the phone is not just a call machine..its a lifestyle, I store and travel with my world, the ocean of applications/knowledge/people are just a tap away
I love it, I live it! Its a part of me....i enjoy being Bz on 3G, rest everything comes secondary ;)
Monochromatic monotonous lives be damned
time to fling some enraged birds to drive the fat pigs away and keep myself occupied till I can tap back into my fb world