Friday, March 7, 2008

tHe SiLeNt NoIsE...!!

Woken up by the eerie night...

She stood still to glance at her own reflection

She sees the fear, the unfamiliarity, the unquenchable thirst, yet she stays out of sight

She undoes her mask, lingering for the revelation

A voice, so mellow, hums the hymns of her life...the silent noise.

A voice, so thunderous, guides her to her soul....the silent noise.

A voice, so lucid, illustrates a new her................the silent noise.

She hears those voices...

Wondering...r these real??

She hears those noises... should she feel??

a voice that guides her....the silent noise

a voice that keeps her company in her solitude...the silent noise

a voice that grasps her when she falls...the silent noise

It’s her soul speaking...

Urging her to fling the bellowing past...

its her inner desire murmuring...

Dieing to scroll out a reason to smile at the appalling past

a voice that enlightens the murky path...the silent noise

a voice that tries to kill the swarming pest of sorrows that drapes her life....the silent noise

a voice that introduces her to her own reflection....the silent noise!!...


1 comment:

C R D said...

yup, the silent sound of our soul and conscience speaks louder than the voices around us.

unfortunately we dont quite listen.

nice poem
keep writing
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