Thursday, November 13, 2008

a fading dream

Deep down my heart, amidst the sublime beauty of my glossy oneirism,
There was one name; there was one word of bliss looming around my lips
Without any second thought, I plunged into a well of prism
That then brightened the untouched parts of my soul….
Little did I know about love, uncertain I was about our future…
I was with you; & was naïve, not to realize that every piece of happiness comes with a toll

I was susceptible…I was hooked…I was in love with the love that grew with your plasticine language of eternal liaison…but how did I overleap the icy gaze behind your sugary words?

Deep down my heart, amidst the cacophony of our silences
I wished to believe, that the distance will bridge & the insecurities will dissolve to claim the love that once was illustrious
In no time, the deceptive mirror split to pieces
That hurts till date
Little did I know to emote my emotions…unsure whether to take the first step
I yearned to catch a glimpse of the pink life, but couldn’t charge at anything other than my egotistic fate

Neither of us initiated the first step to redeem the sanctity of our relationship, I appeased my vulnerable soul to get over the past delusion & move on to a new light…but How am I to entomb
Those clandestine moments of love…those whispers of commitment?

Deep down my wrecked heart, amidst the perils of lost love
I tried to close my eyes to the flying images of our first kiss… your touch, the melody of your melancholy voice …
I tried to search for the music in my life, the words in my books, the light in my eyes, the soul in my body & you in my love
I was no more as myself, the dainty bud matured to a stoical effigy
Learned to smile behind the dark cries, learned to lead a life with superficial pleasures

I will live on… refusing to fall in love again, defying the world to prove my feelings for you…
There e can be no one but you…I will wait till eternity fades....I will love you till I live to be me….

1 comment:

Jay said...

U remind me of my state of mind here...accepting some one so closely and then splitting your own ways is a tough one...especially when u have given everything to the relationship.Future is uncertain,so are the changeable relationships. One thing which stays certain is your tryst with your conscience,