Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No “man’s” zone ;)

Some great (or may be not so great) woman once quoted—“Forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate”…..the speculations that she attracted could have been like this—“what a typical girl”…”what a phony creature”...Common every one wants love…is it?? Isnt it?? I wonder…..we meet some one worth meeting, we get close in few meetings, those meetings turn to be an eye opener to expose almost everything about your partner, thereafter there are less meetings cause the curiosity/charm is lost…less meetings=less interaction=loosing interest that implies we start detesting each other like anything…n ultimately we turn to our first love-chocs(butterscotch milkshake for me;))..The world is filled with great many people; I have had a chance to meet a few in my 20 years of lifetime & had my share of going weak at knees, sighing,nauseating abhorring n blah! Blah! I hereby list a bunch of guys we get to see in our day today lives, the pros n cons of dating em..…categorically speaking...

1st category-

The pimpled face geek-

pro- wowww…he is so smart!~~~sigh!..batting eyelashes~~..hez got a knowledge of everything/anything under the sun.

Con- ur frens say—u r seeing him?? HIM??...HIIIMMMM??...r u kidding??...

2nd category-

The rich spoilt brat-

Pro- welcome to the hip! Chic! Life!!…more parties…more gifts...More fancy car rides to sexy restaurants…more—what not..

Con-1) one fine morning u may wake up explaining him—‘darling...its not the moolah!...i love you for what you are…n then wonder “what is he exactly?”

3rd category-

The hot bodied model-

Pro- do I even need to fill this space? :p

Con- on your very first date you get to hear-“Ur place or mine”?? if not anybody’s then f$%k off! NEXT PLZ!...

The rock-rocker/hip-hopper/rap-rapper-

Pro- its so “IN”

Con- after listening to a poorly recorded cd when you are just tempted to pluck out your ears n kick their butts for the bad cheeky lyrics & worse dressing sense—u just say-- woah! Amaaazing man!..dude! u r the next Billy Joel!..i swear..u r gooooooooooiiinggg a longggggggg way” n so am I K(in the opp direction though)

The fitness freak -

Pro- feels good ;)

Con- the moment you are done ordering that extra portion of double toned milkshake with ice cream…n about to gormandize a HUGE chunk of extra cheese burger..u get a sweet suggestion.. ‘Honey!..There is a nice gym opening nearby, why don’t u…..?? “U think I am fat? @#$&^*&(

The old is Gold…nope diamond man!-

Pro- inheritance….money…inheritance…money…

Con—yeah…yeaah.....aaeaaaaahhh…ahhhhhhhhhh… …YEAH????...u done? so soon??

The religious guy-

Pro- your parents love him: O

Con- “the kind of ‘shraddha’ I have for you, makes me worship the divine being that thrives in you, lets get ourselves entangled in a thread of love keeping the sun…the moon as a sakshi to our expression of love & passion…eeewwww!!....marrying you??? To wear sari bindi, kangan,chuddi for the rest of my life.....naaao way…but who the f$%k is shraddha n what about sakshi?...

The dandy dud…errr…I mean dude

Pro- get discounts at salons for double booking.

Con- “Dahling!..u r such a nut…u don’t know the difference between beige & offwhite..? n puhleez move away from the mirror, its time to touch-up my hair…”

The poetry in motion-

Pro- sigh!...sooooooooooww romantic..sigh!..

Con- ‘ the aroma in the air is singing an eulogy to our love,

Beckoning us to plunge into the sea of sins

The flutter of the butterfly, the language of the dove

Will testify the Elysian love I have for you….

I jest not…you are the reverie I wake up to..the voice I slumber to…the touch I crave for….”

OH my god!.what was that???.Can I have an interpreter..a dictionary..anythin??....

the defensive guy from defense-

pro- you receive salutes from people, you are treated like a lady :D

con(s)- expectations are so high that, sometimes people forget their real worth,

no contact with the outer world,you are pushed to stay in a dark dungeon where you have to shut yourself off completely, phew!...

pseudo sense of pride--jesus!....the irony is u are not "THE" man

you have to keep your ears n what not available to them to listen to their perpetual brags about how they won a war, how ethical, cultured their family is, how great their lives are....

a good girl being a rare sight at such places, things sometimes take a very desperate & needy turn :D which is like yuck!!!.....

Well…well..well…this is it…till date…but I will leave the section open and keep updating it

I wonder, in which category do I fall in a similar kinda list made by guys :p


Karthik said...

Didn't really know that guys were categorized in such an order by girls. But what confuses me is that I don't belong to any of those categories you've mentioned. Damn it! I need to improve... :~(

Naveen kumar said...

nice one .. i need to get in one of those category soon :P

anurag said...

Well ipsita, quiet an observation you have on guys!! Thumbs UP for that!! I think you should add up an another categorie of guys who are flexible in their approach, cool and yeah most important the creative ppl ARCHITECTS :)

Karthik said...

Hi Ipsita, I've tagged you in my last post..

Raksha Raman said...

That was completely entertaining and hilarious! Don't be surprised if many guys deny falling into any of the category mentioned. They're playing safe ;) There's a little bit of all these characteristics in each person. Just that it comes at different phase and time in life under different circumstances:)Loved you post!

Raghu V N said...

I think there should be an another category by mixing all the categories you mentioned because, now a days most of us are dynamic enough to adopt any of those categories according to the situation.
'everybody is wearing a mask of what they are not!'

Abhi...The Insatiable... said...

Nice Observation and Analysis.

U seems like a Dating freak :p

Many Guys in today's world are hybrid of many categories as mentioned by u.

I fully enjoyed reading the post .nice job girl ...M really impressed by ur writing skills.