Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mind trip

Not even in my wildest dream had I ever thought I would be seeking solace in the tiny space of my blog from the maddening crowd of thoughts frightening the daylights out of me.....Never thought I would reach out for my laptop and frantically start sketching out my mind when my heart bleeds to talk...talk the mind & soul out to some unbiased pair of ears...At the time, when the feeble walls of my misty dreams are collapsing, all I can do is pen out like no one's reading or maybe the entire world is ears to patiently decode my silent tears.....I gulp down the bile coming up my throat,stifling to evade this chaotic commotion of my mind....Bewildered...Provoked...dragged into a smoky haven..forced to wear a plastic smile, when all I want to do is shout..cry out loud...ITS MY LIFE!!...let me be ME!!...Good bad...Ugly..I love it..Its amazing to play myself...i beseech the almighty to let me live in my Illusion....Let me enjoy the dark smoke that will gulp me down someday...Let me be the writer...the writer of my own fate..

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Nice Philosophy Ipsita !
Srinivasa rao.s/ssr